UA sleep research for student-athletes awarded NCAA grant

By Jeremy Sharpe / UA Sports Looking to improve sleep among student-athletes, two University of Arizona researchers developed and have enhanced an educational support sleep program and have been awarded an NCAA grant to expand its reach. Sleep problems are common among student-athletes. The National College Health Assessment surveyed athletes from 2011-2014 and found that 19.8… Read more

sleeping baby

Your Child Won’t Sleep? Here Are the Strangest Parenting Strategies For Lulling Your Kid to Sleep

Every parent can empathize with the torment of trying to help a stubborn child settle down for sleep – which is why this organization asked people about the strangest parenting methods for lulling children into dream land. The masterminds behind and the Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app asked more than 2,000 American and British parents… Read more

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IKEA is trying to change the way couples sleep, and it could save relationships

Sharing a duvet with a significant other is the most annoying thing in the world! Nobody likes it, and anyone who says they do is a liar! Which is why flat-pack furniture purveyors IKEA are introducing a product inspired by the “Swedish sleeping method.” “Ikea is launching the TOG-ether bundle to help Brits sleep the Swedish… Read more

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Health Tips: Help Your Spouse With These 6 Unconventional Ways To Stop Snoring

An estimated 90 million American adults snore, according to Sleep Foundation. And over half the country – 59 percent – has a partner who snores. Millions of people are looking for remedies, and after years of unsuccessful tries with more traditional methods, it may be time to try other techniques to stop the sawing of logs.… Read more

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Sleeping In The Weekend Might Actually Be Good For You (Video)

There is finally some good news for those of us who don’t get enough sleep. Josh King explains: It’s no secret that unpleasant things happen when we don’t get enough sleep. On the surface it can make us more irritable, but it can also have long term affects like an increased risk of dementia. Unfortunately, many… Read more

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Resolve to get more shut-eye? Here are 4 sleep hacks to help

(BPT) – As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, millions of people vow to eat better, work out more and lead a healthier life. But something is missing from this equation. While eating well and getting exercise are extremely important, too often people neglect the keystone of good health: sleep. While few people like… Read more

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Our fight with fat: Why is obesity getting worse?

By Kenneth Cusi, Professor of Endocrinology, University of Florida. A woman exercising. Thousands of people will be doing the same this week in an effort to lose weight, a perennial resolution. UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, CC BY-SA Gyms across the country will be packed in the new year with people sticking, however… Read more

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