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Night owls might face more health issues and early

Bad news, night owls. Evening types have a 10 percent higher risk of dying than those up and at ’em in the morning, according to a new study from Northwestern Medicine and the United Kingdom’s University of Surrey. “This is the first study, to our knowledge, that was able to look at mortality risk,” said Kristen… Read more

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Sleep Deprivation May Be Linked to Weight Gain in Kids

Sleep is especially important for children and young adults, and yet another study has reinforced the idea that sleep deprivation in youths is associated with obesity later in life. The new research shows that poor sleep precedes weight problems, and therefore may be a risk factor of obesity and not a consequence. The study is an… Read more


Two nights of performances: Friday May 4 & Saturday May 5 Hosted by SpringPerformed by Max Richter and the American Contemporary Music Ensemble NEW YORK, April 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — “this is the ultimate lullaby” NPR “the music was a pool of ambient textures… cresting like waves above water.” The Austin Chronicle “Many of these pieces… Read more

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If you love staying up late and sleeping in, doing otherwise might actually hurt your health

Here’s one more way our modern sleep schedules might be killing us. Some of us just thrive after dark. DepositPhotos Night owls might get a rap for staying up too late watching Netflix or getting lost in meme spirals on the web, but it’s not all fun and games. Study after study shows the later you… Read more

Infants At Risk Due To Sleep Practices By Non-Parental Supervisors

A new study has reported that non-parental supervisors were more likely to place babies in unsafe sleep environments and positions, urging pediatricians to raise awareness among caregivers. The paper titled “Characteristics of Infant Deaths during Sleep While Under Nonparental Supervision” was published in the Journal Of Pediatrics on Monday. Unsafe sleep positions constitute practices such as… Read more

Sleep disorders rising among younger people

The average age of patients reporting chronic insomnia and related problems is falling, as Wang Xiaodong reports. About two months ago, Xing Yan started experiencing insomnia for the first time. “It developed suddenly. I was under heavy pressure from work at the time. I could not fall asleep at all at night, and was wide awake… Read more

Trouble Sleeping?

Insomnia To Sleep Apnea Mixed sleep apnea occurs when there is both central sleep obstructive and apnea sleep symptom. A sleep disordered breathing is A common kind of sleep apnea, known as obstructive sleep apnea. Milk contains tryptophan which, when converted to seratonin in the body, prevents waking and induces sleep. Individual needs can change from… Read more

Herbs For Anxiety

Powerful Natural Remedies For Postpartum Depression The top natural remedy for depression and anxiety is a collection of both but be sure to ask a MD to make certain you do not require more extended treatment. Natural herbal remedies are great for moderate anxiety, but the more intense your anxiety is, the more you require additional… Read more

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