Better Quality Sleep Is Possible!



Morning sunshine

Grab 15 minutes sunshine first thing in the morning to reset your biological clock.


Exercise regularly

During the day walk the dog, swim or yoga, whatever exercise you enjoy.


If you have trouble doing this yourself then use a meditation product.



Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum prior to sleep to prevent a disruptive nights sleep.

Keep it dark

Reduce light wherever possible and if needed wear an eye mask.  If you need to rest during the day invest in sun blocking curtains, blinds or shutters to keep out sunlight.

Room temperature

Having your room too hot or cold can prevent you falling asleep.  Find a temperature you find comfortable.


Cut caffeine

Make your last coffee or energy drink at lunchtime.  This will give your body enough time to burn off the caffeine.


Meals before bedtime

Avoid fried and heavy food before sleep.  Your body will be working hard to digest it while trying to sleep at the same time.

Fluid intake

Stop fluid intake two hours prior to sleep to prevent toilet trips.


Bedroom décor

Avoid bright and vivid colors on your walls and bedroom accessories.  Cool calm colors will give your room a tranquil feel.


Rest and intimacy only

It’s not an office or TV room.  Keep your room free from computers, phones and TVs.

Bedroom noise

Too noisy try earplugs. Too quiet try a white noise sleep device.


No pets

Pets toss, turn and make noises while they sleep too which then disturbs you.  You may also have a pet allergy disturbing your sleep.


How’s your mattress and pillows?

Can’t get comfortable because of lumps in the bed?  Do you have pillows and a mattress that are supportive and comfortable?  Is it old and sagging?  Mattresses generally should be replaced between 5 – 10 years and pillows should be changed annually.

Do you have a dust mite allergy?

Waking from sleep rummaging for tissues?  Are you sneezing, have a runny nose and waking up with a cough?  These are all signs of a dust might allergy.  You need to visit your doctor for a diagnosis.  In the meantime you can have your mattress cleaned for dust mites by a professional and buy new pillows and a mattress.  Cover your mattress and pillows with anti-dust mite protectors.


Are you cold during the night?

Do you have a partner who hogs the blankets?  Try separate blankets.  Keeping your body at an even temperature will result in a consistent sleep.

Make sleep a priority

Set an alarm to signal time to start your bedtime routine.  Carry out the same routine every night to signal to your body it’s time to relax in preparation for sleep.


Stick to your bedtime schedule

Where possible keep your bedtime and rising time the same seven days a week.  This keeps your body clock on a consistent schedule.


Lavender is a great way to ease anxiety and induce a deep sleep.  Spray your bed with lavender spray, place a lavender sachet in your pillow case or fill your room with the smell of lavender by using a diffuser 30 minutes before bedtime.

Take a hot bath

For a better quality sleep try a hot bath with a few drops of lavender oil. The warmth of the bath followed by your body cooling down when you get out mimics the changes in your body temperature when it enters sleep.

Gratitude journal

End the day feeling positive and grateful by writing five things that you are grateful for in a journal.  This has you going to bed in a joyful happy mood.


Have a laugh

Laughter causes the body to produce melanin which is the hormone released by the brain at prior to falling asleep.

Your mind is racing

Make your to do list for the next day before you go to bed.  Have paper in pen by your bedside to jot down any night time thoughts.


Deep breathing

Practice deep slow breaths to calm your body and induce a better quality sleep.


Progressive muscle relaxation

Tense muscle groups in your body then relax them.  This lowers overall tension and stress levels.


Neck and shoulder tension

Using a heat pack placed across your shoulders and neck to relax your muscles, keep blood circulating freely and ease you into a better quality sleep.


Getting frustrated?

Don’t lay there getting stressed because you can’t fall asleep.  Get up and do a relaxing activity in dim light until you’re feeling tired again.


One of you snores

Try lying on your side, avoid alcohol before bed or use a snoring aid.

Sleep apnea

Waking several times a night and feeling exhausted in the morning? Visit your doctor for a diagnosis and recommendation as to what aids you should use.


Consider therapy

Visit a sleep therapist or even a hypnotist to learn techniques on how to fall asleep.


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode

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